On the way to mastering Russian, you have probably been facing with lots of difficulties, such as searching for subtitles or editing of your writing. Every now and then, you really need to know the answer to a question, or maybe you don’t have a clue where to get started on solving the problem… These are just a few things (out of many more!) that overwhelm and pretty much keep us from moving forward, and of course the list may go on and on… What we really want to say is, “Don’t let all the tiny details get you away from the study process. You will never have all the answers – so just get cracking right now”. And we, in turn, will help you with the most difficult issues.  

1) Help in finding study material.
From $5 USD. Message us to discuss your needs or questions.

2) Proofreading and editing.
We will proofread 1000 words of your basic document for grammar, punctuation, and spelling per $6 USD. For editing over 5000 words, message us and we’ll create a custom order.

3) Retyping scanned text document.
Recreate or retype 5 pages of scanned text documents per $5 USD. Text on scanned copy must not be lower than font size 12. Scanned copy must be readable and clear. Additional pages must buy extras.

4) Sounding.
We will narrate an audio book, story or some pronunciation exercises for you. Not a professional level! 1000 words of your basic document per $5 USD.

5) Speaking lesson.
Informal tutoring $15 USD per hour.
30 minute trial lesson $8 USD.
15 minute trial lesson $5 USD.

6) Translation.
300 words per $12 USD
If your order is more than 1500 words and you need it in one day, please, contact us first!

7) Transcription
10- minute clear audio with maximum 3 speakers per $6 USD.
If your order is complicated enough, please, contact us first!