Moscow night life

Due to one song  Russians  know Moscow never sleeps, so there’s no shortage of nightspots for night life lovers to stay awake in, but which one to chose? It’s up to you because we are not aware with current trends, prices and people out there. Probably, the global network  will help you to make a good selection but don’t forget to watch this video before going anywhere 🙂

P.S. Орёл и Решка (lit. Heads and Tails) is a very popular Ukranian travel show in Russia and other CIS countries. The series, which began airing in 2011, broadcast 16 seasons. The show is hosted by two co-hosts. In each episode, the show visits another location in the world for one weekend. One of the hosts (determined by a coin toss) receives a credit card with unlimited credit, called the Gold Card, while the other needs to spend the weekend with US$100 including all expenses.

The script of the video “Moscow night life”