About Us

Welcome to MySamovar.com. Congratulations to you on your Russian language learning! And if you, a very brave person, made a decision to learn the Russian language, we want to help you on this obviously tough but very interesting path, because we believe that you should be able to get the education that you are looking for. Our goal is to provide you with language confidence and really useful Russian knowledge. And we are here to say a few words about us and what this site is supposed to be about.

Here we will add materials for Russian-language learners so that you can improve your skills in speaking, pronunciation, and understanding, whether it is to watch a popular TV show, talk to a native speaker, or whatever you want.

You will learn exactly how Russians speak in the Podcast section because there we will publish real, unscripted conversations about people, their experiences, places, and so on. Listening to these podcasts, you will study the vocabulary, phrases, and most popular idioms that Russians use. Also, you will find out how we change and reduce words in real life. If you want to sound like a native speaker, then check out our practice lessons in the Lessons section and train your pronunciation with us.

The Watch and Read sections contain materials that we find useful and interesting for Russian-language learners. They will be strengthened by transcripts and short explanations of things that you probably don’t know. So, this is going to be a mix of Russian culture and language knowledge all thrown together. Hopefully you will find it worthwhile.

On the way to mastering Russian, you have probably been facing with lots of difficulties, such as searching for subtitles or editing of your writing. Every now and then, you really need to know the answer to a question, or maybe you don’t have a clue where to get started on solving the problem… These are just a few things (out of many more!) that overwhelm and pretty much keep us from moving forward, and of course the list may go on and on… What we really want to say is, “Don’t let all the tiny details get you away from the study process. You will never have all the answers – so just get cracking right now”. And we, in turn, will help you with the most difficult issues in the Services section

We would be glad to get any support from you (scroll down to see the support form).  We’ve been looking for volunteers among native English speakers to correct posts for the site. Also, if you speak either English or Russian and have a lot of experience in audio-file correction, please, text us nadezhda@mysamovar.com. We would love to get your help with podcasts. Some suggestions? Feel free to text! Good luck!